Hispanic Direct Response is red hot.  An increasing number of advertising agencies are creating units dedicated to DR targeting Hispanics.

Media agency Kre8 Media Inc. announced the formation of Kre8 Resultados, a full-service division specializing in direct-response marketing to the burgeoning Hispanic population.

Kre8 Resultados is headed by Vice President and General Manager Sam Rodriguez. Prior to joining Kre8 Media in 2008 as Planning Director, Rodriguez, a native of Costa Rica and Puerto Rico, worked for Mediacom Worldwide in New York, Mexico City and Bogota, Colombia
“Our decision to launch Kre8 Resultados is driven by two distinct and profound trends,” said Kre8 Media founder and president T. Lee Cutler. “Hispanics have accounted for more than half of our nation’s population growth over the last decade, and this trend shows no sign of abating. Plus, they are consuming more media than ever and are avid buyers of products and services sold via direct response advertising.”

Said Rodriguez, “Research shows that Hispanic direct-response shoppers tend to be younger than general market shoppers and they tend to prefer Spanish language media. Hispanics, on average, spend more than $300 in the last year on purchases made through the mail, over the phone and online. Any company that does not effectively target and communicate with this market using both English- and Spanish-language media venues is missing a huge opportunity.”

Vanitiy Tracking

Kre8 Media’s specialties include direct-response advertising. It is a leader in the use of “vanity tracking” through the use of television commercials that include an Internet URL to drive consumers to Web sites. Using the latest in direct-response analytics, Kre8 can determine which particular TV stations and networks generate the most Web commerce even if the same URL is used in every TV commercial.

“In addition to vanity tracking, we are big believers in the use of branded 800 numbers,” added Rodriguez. “Companies like Jenny Craig, which uses 1-800-JENNY20, have had huge success using a single phone number to drive sales response while keeping their branding intact. More marketers should make use of this well-established tactic.”

One of Kre8 Media’s early success stories in marketing to the Hispanic community was its work on behalf of PokerStars.net, the free Internet poker tutorial service. Kre8 developed a multi-platform media plan that included launching the first Spanish-language poker programming on ESPN Deportes and FOX Deportes. The poker programs were supported by direct-response ads placed on male-targeted Spanish TV networks. In addition, Kre8 has delivered impressive sales volume for its clients Wix.com and Quibids.com using a similar strategy.

“Even though a majority of Hispanic adults speak both English and Spanish, they have a passion for cultural media content like soccer and novelas,” said Rodriguez. “Advertising messages placed in these venues enable brands to connect with consumers in ways that English-language media cannot, which yields an impactful, measurable response and provides lift to a marketer’s entire campaign.”

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