“The way I look at it is agencies consolidate for clients. I’m kind of the same thing on the other side,” says Anita Grace, former Sales manager at La Voz, who has started her own newspaper representation company Anita Grace Advertising.

Grace says that she still reps for La Voz, but is also repping the newly created SoCal Uno newspaper network, consisting of Excelsior Orange County , La Prensa Riverside and Enlace San Diego.

“I’ve been at La Voz for 8 years, so a lot of agency people are familiar with me, which helps”, Grace tells Portada, adding that while she is only representing Hispanic newspapers, she is interested in eventually branching out into broadcast and online.

Asked how the economic climate could impact business, Grace is upbeat: “I think there are going to be a lot of newspapers looking to outsource these services. It can be more cost efficient, than having someone in-house.”

Grace sees retail as a promising national category in 2009: “Particularly as some of the larger retailers go out of business, we’ll see their competitors stepping in to capture their customers.”

Telecommunications is another category where Grace sees promise. “Telecom I think will be at least flat, if not up,” she says. “Verizon has a great campaign out there right now and I’ll be interested to see how their merger with Alltel will affect things.”

Grace is not hopeful about the automotive category. “It’s a shame because it used to be such a great player for Hispanic print. On the national side, we’re not hurting as bad as people are on the local side of things, so we’re thankful for that.”

Reflecting on the scope of her new enterprise, Grace says, “I really look forward to taking papers with a lot of potential and bringing the big players to them. That’s what we did with La Voz and that’s what I plan to do with this new endeavor.”


Portada Staff

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