An interesting discussion has evolved on our our LinkedIn Forum about whether Copa America really matters to U.S. Hispanic audiences.

This discussion was started by Dean Schwartz – "Our shop just launched official Copa America merchandise. I wanted to get feedback from the group as to whether they think Copa America matters to US Hispanics."

Executives from the Hispanic media and advertising world are providing their opinion about this issue. See below! 

Diane Librizzi  -Communications, Programming and Content Development Professional • Anyway, I commented that according to Univision, who sold media sponsorship packages for Copa, the audience delivery should be higher than that of World Cup.

Bob Oliva -Managing Director at O Americas Group • Hi Dean, Copa America does matter and is closely followed by the US Hispanic market. As the teams get eliminated you may see certain regions of the US decrease in followers simply because their country is not involved. To that point expect the east coast to stay tune longest due to the diversity of Hispanics/Brazilians. See below.

Luis Gutierrez -VP Director at GLR Networks • I have been selling sports on TV and radio for over 15 years and I can tell you that Copa America is a huge property for viewers and advertisers.

Michael Vinales Regional Sales Manager NE, Hispanic Business • Anticipated audiences will be huge. US Hispanic sports category leader Mundial Group is providing special coverage via it's digital Mundial Sports Network (5.2 MM US Hispanic uniques) and legacy print property Futbol Mundial (2.8 MM readers).

Marcelo Salup -Principal at MS Group LLC • The ratings I've seen so far are excellent. Evidently, it does matter

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