Analysis: Is this the Spanish U.S. Hispanics Deserve? (including Comments from LinkedIn)

Comments on our Linkedin Forum (Portada – Hispanic Advertising and Media Discussion Group) made by Forum Members about our Analysis article: Translations: Is this the Spanish U.S. Hispanics Deserve?

Janine Libbey – P & L Translations, Partner  "This was not translated by a human. In what was probably an attempt to cut costs, the manufacturer used a free, on-line translation service. All marketers need to be aware of the potential risks and liability if their products are used incorrectly because of their shoddy translations."

Mayrah Rocafort-Mercado – Principal at Hispanic DM Solutions "These translation is obviously not the result of human intellect, rather the use of an online translating program that, once completed, was not reviewed by an individual with knowledge of the Spanish language. 

Beyond "chulo," it also used the word "tienda" for "store"- rather than "almacene" en un lugar seco, "conserve" en un lugar seco, or "guarde" en un lugar seco. My first choice: "conserve" en un lugar seco."

Lydia Aguirre – Adjunta a la Dirección en El País, España "I think those translations are the results of using robots instead of real people to do the job. Nobody could translate this 'cool' as 'chulo'. Not in Spain, not in all Latin America (I'm Spaniard)"

"I wonder why (some) hispanic people in the US still patronize companies that show so little interest in taking care of their spanish-spoken potential customers. And please forgive my English. I'm sure I make many mistakes but at least I'm not a translator…"

Marcelo Salup – Principal at MS Group LLC "That's too easy. Price. A seminal study published in the Journal of Advertising Research about 8 years ago (how time flies) showed that about 64% of all consumers bought a brand the second time less than 10% of the time. This was a single-source research of over 2,400 consumers, which is a big sample. These people, "low loyalists" as the study called them, switched mainly on price. So, most people, I'd say easily 70 to 75% of all consumers today, make decisions based on price alone or on value (a bit higher price, but I get a lot more). In the words of an old-timer copywriter: the loyalty of a housewive can be bought with a $0.25 coupon."

J. Gerardo López – Latino Media and Community expert • "Creo que si alguien se toma la molestia de comunicarse con la comunidad latina en español, debe hacerlo correctamente. los medios muchas traducciones literales del inglés. Eso insulta."

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