American Jewish Committee Does Hispanic Outreach

The American Jewish Committee is actively promoting its initiatives to U.S. Hispanic and Latin American audiences through its website and also through outreach efforts to Hispanic community leaders. It is currently devising a media strategy to promote its goals.

The organizations Latino/Latin American Institute has as its mission “the creation and implementation of strategies that promote an understanding of the AJC's objectives and help to establish coalitions with U.S. Hispanic and Latin American communities.”

The institute also aims to improve relations between Latin American countries and Israel, to voice solidarity with Jewish communities within Latin America, and to promote human rights within those countries.

According to Dina Siegel Vann, director of the Latino/Latin American Institute in Washington D.C., “We do a lot of interfaith outreach, and work with many community leaders to promote issus of importance to the Hispanic community. One of our main objectives is promoting responsible immigration reform. We are very pro-immigration. At the same time we understand that there are underlying conditions in Latin American countries that force their citizens to leave them. We think those issues need to be addressed.”