Aiming at international expansion, video ad-tech startup Teads closes a US $5.2M Series A round

What: French video ad-tech startup Teads, whose technology allows publishers to embed video ads within articles that play automatically when they’re visible on screen, has just closed a US $5.2 million Series A round, with funding from Partech Ventures and Elaia Partners.
Why is it important: Says Pascal Gauthier, Teads’ recently appointed independent administrator, that online video advertising market is booming and Teads seeks to effectively support TV advertisers to invest in digital and help publishers better monetize their inventory. Teads’ innovative tech platform and formats will enable the company to expand internationally at a fast pace.

Today, French startup Teads, a technology company that provides expert video advertising solutions and inventor of the “outStream” format, announced it has won a US $5.2 million round of Series A investment, led by Partech Ventures and joined by Elaia Partners. The funding will support Teads’ global expansion in the video advertising market, following the company’s success in France and the UK, and will help grow its publisher customer base.

Founded in 2011 by Loïc Soubeyrand, Loïc Jaurès and Olivier Reynaud, Teads has addressed the lack of premium online video inventory for advertisers and enabled top-tier publishers to monetize their large online audience through innovative video ads. Teads has developed “outstream” formats in order to create video inventory for publishers without the cost of buying or producing video content. These innovative ad units have been widely praised by premium press publishers and ad networks in 25 countries. The most famous format on Teads platform, inRead™, which delivers video ads within press articles (only when in view in the user’s screen), has been adopted by more than 500 publishers worldwide (Le Monde, Le Figaro, Financial Times, Forbes, The Economist, The Guardian, El Mundo, La Repubblica, Reuters, etc.).

TechCrunch reports that the inRead format embeds start playing automatically when they are visible enough (50%+) on the screen. The sound is switched on if the user mouses over the ad. Once a minimum amount of the ad has been viewed, CPV billing is triggered. Teads’ video ad formats can run across many forms of content including articles, home pages, slideshows, music, video and social media pages.

On the other side of the value chain –as reported in Clipperton Finance’s blog–, Teads also enables advertisers and agencies to secure visibility and completion of their ads.

As reported by TechCrunch’s Natasha Lomas, Teads plans to expand its presence in the U.S. on both coasts in calendar year 2014.

“The proprietary platform we have developed is able to deliver billions of video impressions every month, and allows the processing and analysis of the collected data in real time. Moreover, it has proven scalability, and this technological asset will benefit every user of the platform”, said Loïc Jaurès.

Following this transaction, Pascal Gauthier, former COO of Criteo (a company that generates dynamic personalized ads of the products and services consumers search for in the internet), has joined Teads as an independent director.

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