ADVO.a Windsore CT based direct mailer,will conduct a new research project to understand how direct mail affects the purchase decisions of Hispanics.

The new study will focus on general retail shopping habits. It will try to understand the key elements affecting purchase decisions by Hispanics. The findings will be important in order to determine ADVO's and other direct mail companies strategy toward the Hispanic market.

ADVO co-sponsored a study with the Food Marketing Institute and New American Dimensions which was published last June. It researched the grocery shopping habits and advertising preferences of Hispanic consumers and rejected the theory that Hispanics are more brand loyal than the average consumer.

“Only those Hispanics who are most un-acculturated – meaning they are foreign-born, less educated, and have spent only a small part of their lives in the U.S., display above average brand loyalty”, the study concluded. According to the study these Hispanics only make up one fifth of the total Hispanic market place. It also indicated that 55% of Hispanics recall advertising information delivered in the mail through direct to home-flyers.


Portada Staff

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