Air Europa recently introduced its Miami Madrid flight and soon will be starting to advertise the new route using mostly digital and outdoor vehicles.

“Air Europa’s main goal is to establish themselves as a great alternative to fly directly to Madrid and beyond, confident that once you try their brand-new aircrafts, exceptional service, award winning safety and more, you will become a loyal customer.”, Fabiola Almerini, Account Director, CMG, tells Portada.


Digital and Outdoor…

“We are about to launch a new advertising campaign that presents the

consumer with a better way to fly to Madrid and beyond. With a hip tagline and fresh look, the main objective of the campaign is to highlight Air Europa’s main attributes that have proven to provide them with the benchmark of service for more than 20 years in Europe. This campaign will be communicated heavily through targeted and geo-targeted online sites and out-of-home advertising.”


…South Florida emphasis.

Asked on how important the U.S. Hispanic market is for Air Europa, Almerini notes that it is “very important. Since our main target with the Miami-Madrid route is South Florida, we are concentrating most of our efforts in the large Hispanic community in the area, which is mainly Latin/Central-American and from Spanish heritage.”

Miami based Turkel is Air Europa’s advertising agency. Air Europa has three routes: Madrid – New York, Madrid – Miami, Tenerife – Miami. It also has the following Latin American destinations.Air Europa has direct, mostly daily flights from Madrid to: Cancun, Habana, Santo Domingo, Punta Cana, Caracas, Buenos Aires, Lima, Panama and Salvador de Bahia.


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