Advertising Campaign: Energizer Launches Interactive Campaign

Energizer, the battery company made famous by their marching bunny ads, has launched a new Hispanic campaign for TV and Online. In the digital realm, the campaign is running on sites like Batanga and Terra.

When asked what why they decided to advertise in Hispanic portals, Grupo Gallegos media buyer Maria Boolori commented, “Hispanic portals offer good reach. Also, they are relatively new, so there is a willingness on the client side to try something new.”

Boolori adds that the campaign is music-based and targets a younger demographic. “If you want to reach younger Hispanics, online is a great place to do so. And when you’re highlighting the musical side of the product, it makes sense to gravitate toward properties whose strong suit is music.”

The campaign features a microsite, and includes popular acts Elvis Crespo and Camila. Downloads of the artist’s songs are also available for download. Visitors may also upload an original song or video, and play a game competing against the famed Energizer Bunny.

The TV spots, also in Spanish, are running on Univision, Telemundo, Televisa and Azteca.