What: One month after its acquisition of Adap.tv, AOL has topped Google as the property with the most video ads watched.
Why is it important: In a move that exceeded the purchase of Huffington Post, Tim Armstrong is betting on video as the departure point of the Web’s ever-growing ad market.

Last month, AOL announced it had completed its acquisition of Adap.tv, thus consolidating its leadership position in digital video, said AOL’s Chairman and CEO Tim Armstrong. “AOL is well positioned to capitalize on two clear trends in the video space – the movement of advertising dollars from linear to online video and the shift from manual transactions to programmatic media buying”, Armstrong said.

According to ComScore’s Web video rankings for September, AOL topped Google as the property with the most video ads watched last month –3.7 billion views to reach 50% of U.S. online video viewers, compared to the YouTube parent’s 3.2 billion and 36% population span. This numbers prove that Adap.tv’s US $405 million (in cash and stock) agreed price is actually paying off. In August, AOL served 525 million video ads, and Adap.tv served 2.45 billion. Last month, those numbers bumped up to 597 million and 3.125 million, respectively.

However, as AdAge reports, AOL wouldn’t have one-upped Google were it not for Adap.tv, which remains a standalone entity within the company’s ad tech division AOL Networks. The ad tech firm accounted for 3.13 billion, or 84%, of the video ads attributed to AOL, which should result in an sizeable boost to the portal’s video ad revenues.

Says CNet that this news come one month after AOL overtook Facebook in the ComScore ranking of Web properties’ unique video views. Google is still the leader in that category by far, but AOL’s climb reflects Armstrong’s focus on video as the home of the fastest-growing ad market on the Web.

Sources: CNetAllThingsD, AdAge.


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