AdAge and Wing Latino Call for Culturally Relevant English Content and Teen Magazines

A media buyer study published by MPA and Ad Age revealed that 60.1% of the media buyers interviewed currently include Hispanic Magazines in their media plan. A slight majority of the survey’s participants said that in the medium-term Hispanic magazines will publish more content in English and less in Spanish. When
asked what value added services they like the most when buying magazines, 58.1% of the buyers named events, followed by website advertising, advertorials, and custom publishing.
Alejandro Clabiorne, Director of Media at WingLatino, noted that research conducted by his agency showed that there is a growing need among Hispanics for culturally relevant content in English. 81% of the respondents said that they read English-language magazines because there are more choices. 65% prefer ads that include both Spanish and English. When asked which segment of the Hispanic population was most difficult to reach, 18.1% of respondents said “Teenagers.” English-dominant (16.1%), Spanish-dominant (14.3%) and Men 18-34 (13.7%) are also considered to be underserved by magazines.