AD-TRACKING GEORGIA: Cingular leads in National ROP Advertising

National advertisers invested heavily in Georgia Hispanic newspapers (including Atlanta Latino, La Voz, Mundo Hispanico, Hola Augusta and Vida Latina) during 2006, according to Portada Ad-Tracking.

According to Table 1 below Cingular was the Company that had the largest Advertising Expenditure in Georgia’s Hispanic newspapers in 2006, followed by Metro PCS, Delta Airlines and Verizon. The strength in Telecommunication Companies Advertising also is reflected in the fact that Telecommunications was the largest category in National ROP advertising, according to Table 2, followed by Media and Retail.

Portada estimates that the volume of Hispanic print advertising (national and local) in the Atlanta DMA is approximately $6 million.

Table 1: Top 20 National ROP Advertisers in Georgia (2006)*

1. Cingular

11. BellSouth

2.Metro PCS

12. Chrysler

3. Delta Airlines

13. Kroger

4. Verizon

14. SunTrust

5.Dish Network

15. Lowe's

6. Univision

16. Washington Mutual

7. Comcast

17. Chivas

8. Publix

18. T-Mobile

9. Dillards

19. Allstate

10. Sprint

20. Budweiser

Source: Portada Ad-Tracking

Table 2: Top 10 National ROP Categories in Georgia (2006)






Alcoholic Beverages

Charities/Cause Marketing


Packaged Goods


Source: Portada Ad-Tracking

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State profile: Georgia is a state whose Hispanic population more than quintupled between 1990 and 2006, where it currently measures close to 700,000. Latino spending power grew 832% during the same period to almost 12.5 billion in 2006.

About 40% of the state’s Latinos are Mexican, while 25% are South American, and the remaining are from Central America and the Caribbean.