The last and final day of ad-tech featured a range of topics relevant to the industry today.

Kicking things off was a discussion about ad-exchanges, and whether they are simply selling remnant inventory at low prices, or whether they are revolutionizing the way ads are sold and rendering agencies obsolete. The prevailing view was that ad exchanges can be of very real value and provide efficiencies otherwise unavailable.
Another presentation examined the current state and future of radio, examining the broadening landscape of media delivering audio content, including satellite and Internet companies moving in on the action. It was generally agreed upon that while these other media are cutting into terrestrial radio’s profits a bit, the industry is still healthy and presents good value to advertisers.
A panel titled “Will the Long-Tail Go Bankrupt?” explored how the abundance of online destinations and available content is good for the consumer, but makes it very difficult for all but the most prominent web destinations to make money. The panel looked at what these second and third tier properties are doing to monetize their content, including developing ad-supported content, subscription-based content, licensing and syndication deals, and creating other affiliate-based partnerships.
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