Discount U.S. airline Southwest has begun airing its summer series of ads targeting Hispanics, which make light of the common annoyances travelers face when flying.
The ads, which were produced by Dieste, Harmel + Partners, Dallas, are meant to show Hispanic consumers that the company understands the hang-ups frequently associated with flying, and tries to mitigate those inconveniences.
The TV and radio ads began running last week on  Univision, Telemundo, Azteca America and will continue throughout the summer.
Last year, the cut-rate carrier spent $18 million in television advertising, boosting its spend $1.5 million over 2006, According to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.
Portada Ad-tracking shows that for the same period, the airline also boosted its Hispanic ROP expenditure, though its print investment pales in comparison to its TV spend. In 2007, Southwest invested approximately $180,000, up about $50,000 over the previous year.
Southwest has ramped up its Hispanic outreach in recent years, and operates a Spanish-language micro-site titled Vamonos Southwest, located at, where visitors can search for and book flights in Spanish.
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