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Access, Language Still Barriers to Hispanic Internet Usage

According to new study by the Pew Hispanic Center.


The results of a recent study conducted by the Pew Hispanic Center and the Pew Internet & American Life Project indicate that the most foremost reason for Hispanics not surfing the Internet is a lack of access.

According to the study, of those Hispanics that indicated they were not Internet users:

    * 53% said they do not have access

    * 18% said they were not interested

    * 10% said too difficult or frustrating

    *  6% said too expensive

    *  5% said too busy or do not have time

 While the lack of access is an understandable reason for not using the Internet, what is glaring is the fact that almost 1/5th of respondents cited a lack of interest in accessing the internet. One can only extrapolate that to mean that relevant and compelling content is lacking, or that the respondents perceive this to be so. Another likelihood is that those who responded are Spanish-dominant and are either unaware of Spanish-language Internet destinations or that they are unsatisfied with those that they are aware of.

Interestingly, a relatively low percentage cited cost as a barrier, which might reflect a cultural sensitivity surrounding the discussion of personal finances.

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