A cross platform approach that includes print

Last spring, in order to meet advertiser demand for an integrated Hispanic marketing approach, Time Warner launched the Time Warner Hispanic Group. Verizon Wireless was its first customer. The group's main vehicles are People en español, which according to its publisher reaches 4.2 million readers monthly, AOL Latino, which together with the rest of the Time Warner Online Network reaches 9.7 million Hispanics per month, and CNN en español, a cable TV-Network that reaches 2.4 million households. The heads of these units (Jacqueline Hernandez-Fallous, publisher of People en español, Peter Blacker, AOL Latino and Donna Mastrangelo, CNN en español) will work together to identify cross-platform advertising sales opportunities. “Sponsors have asked for 360 degree marketing and Time Warner Hispanic Group is the response to that demand,” Jackie Hernandez-Fallous tells Portada®. The Time Warner Hispanic Group is supervised by Joy Marcus, SVP of Time Warner Global Marketing.