Roberto Munoz

Head of Travel and Banks

Puntos Colombia

Recently appointed Head of Travel and Banks for Puntos Colombia, Roberto Muñoz has an educational background in accounting and finance. He was VP of Strategic Partnerships and Loyalty at Aeromexico, becoming the youngest person to occupy this position in the history of the airline where he has worked for the past 10 years.Throughout his career, he has led different positions in areas such as Operations, Sales, Revenue Management, Corporate Strategy, E-Commerce and Marketing.
Due to his experience and leadership he was in charge of the commercial relationship with the main national and international banks, the co-branded products with a joint portfolio of more than 1 million cardholders, the development and launching of promotions and special actions for our customers, the strategic alliances with business partners from different industries, in addition to leading the strategy of the most important loyalty program in the country, Club Premier, with over 5 million members.


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