Paola Camacho

Senior Specialist Co-brand Partnerships


Paola Camacho is the Co-brand Banks Manager in Aeromexico, she has been working in AM for more than 2 years, learning a lot about how these portafolios work, with specific focus on understanding how to combine loyalty, marketing and personalized communication to drive the right offer, at the right price, in the right channel.

She enjoys leading a team of powerful women, working with her partners, learning new skills and implementing new and creative ideas.

In her spare time, she loves outdoor activities and spending time with family and friends. She really thinks there is nothing that a good cup of coffee and a book can’t solve.

Travel Marketing Board 2019 Schedule

Meeting 1 Virtual Meeting, March (tbd)
Meeting 2 11 Apr @ Portada Miami, Hotel EAST
Meeting 3 Mid – August (tbd)
Meeting 4 17 Oct @ Portada Mexico, Casa Lamm
IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN MEETING THE ABOVE OR OTHER BRAND MARKETING DECISION MAKERS  who are members of Portada’s  Council System and demand a wide array of marketing services, please contact Portada Sales Manager Michelle Lopez.