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José Camargo Samperio

José Camargo Samperio

Assistant Director Ecommerce

Best Buy Mexico

José Camargo Samperio is a professional with more than 15 years of experience in marketing, digital, e-commerce, sales, communication and advertising. He has a broad strategic vision focused on business results. Basing his passion on performance, discipline and organization has allowed him to reach his goals, valuing, creating and leveraging the right teams.

José Camargo Samperio: Focused on Business Growth

Proactive person who likes to cooperate and participate in the business growth of the company, José is always leading and looking for challenges and new business opportunities.




Agency Star Committee LATAM 2019 Schedule


Meeting1Virtual Meeting, January (tbd)
Meeting211 Apr @ Portada Miami, Hotel EAST
Meeting3Easrly – August (tbd)
Meeting417 Oct @ Portada Mexico, Casa Lamm
IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN MEETING THE ABOVE OR OTHER BRAND MARKETING DECISION MAKERS  who are members of Portada’s  Council System and demand a wide array of marketing services, please contact Portada Sales Manager Michelle Lopez.