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Arturo Gonzalez

Arturo Gonzalez

Product Marketing Manager North Latin America & Caribbean


Arturo Gonzalez Frankenberger is a Product & Marketing Manager at Electrolux. He is responsible for developing and launching the business system around the product – the collection of products and services that deliver the product’s promise. He leads the business strategy in relation to the portfolio management and brand communication.

Arturo Gonzalez: Focused on Brand Strategy and Communication

With 14 years of business and marketing experience with a consistent track record of results, Arturo Gonzalez is skilled at brand strategy and communication. He is also highly skilled at business strategy, product and P&L management, ATL, BTL, digital marketing, consumer research, market analysis, events, sponsorship, PR and media.




Agency Star Committee LATAM 2019 Schedule


Meeting1Virtual Meeting, January (tbd)
Meeting211 Apr @ Portada Miami, Hotel EAST
Meeting3Easrly – August (tbd)
Meeting417 Oct @ Portada Mexico, Casa Lamm
IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN MEETING THE ABOVE OR OTHER BRAND MARKETING DECISION MAKERS  who are members of Portada’s  Council System and demand a wide array of marketing services, please contact Portada Sales Manager Michelle Lopez.