Peter Lee Brown

Manager Marketing Strategy


Peter has over 15 years of experience working in marketing communications. Currently at Nestlé USA within the Marketing Communications Center of Excellence. He is an expert in leveraging cultural consumer trends and insights with authentic brand attributes with a lens for diversity and inclusion. Peter focuses on finding commonalities for a polycultural nation and creating relevant omni-channel communications to reach the total market consumers at every touchpoint within their consumer journey.
Ana Lucía is JCPenney’s National Media Manager developing 360 total market strategies that touch every step of the marketing process, from planning to execution with over 18 years of international multidisciplinary background in Marketing and Media. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Science (LCC’98) from el Tec de Monterrey (ITESM, Campus Monterrey). Born in Mexico City, she grew up in Monterrey where she was exposed to the bi-cultural US/Mexican border dynamics. She lives in Dallas, TX.


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