Oscar Allain

VP, Group Partner, Cross-Cultural Strategy & Research

UM Worldwide

Cross-Cultural Insights + Strategy | Research | Multicultural | Millennial | Gen Z | Sports & Sponsorship Marketing | Experiential
► Award winning marketing visionary with significant multicultural marketing, communications, advertising, branding, and sales experience at enterprise and Fortune levels for sports sponsorship portfolios targeting engagement and growth in Hispanic markets.
► Develop client-centered multicultural communications platforms leveraging data-driven marketing plans, programs, and activities as well as expertly crafted client experiences that encourage consumers to self-identify and experience positive emotions affiliated with products.
► Senior most advisor and touchstone for marketing managers and C-suite executives offering outstanding cross-functional leadership to execute corporate-wide marketing, messaging, evangelism, and brand ambassadorship.
► Research specialist/leader, including insights and strategy, gaining actionable insight into consumer behaviors, motivators, and purchasing decisions that inform client investments, branding, and marketing strategies and build traction in market share.


Bilingual: English and Spanish | Hispanic Marketing Expertise | Long Range Marketing Vision
Sponsorship Portfolio Management | Strategic Key Client Management | Tactical Planning
Establish Marketing Strategy, Platforms, Messaging | Research, Analytics, and Consumer Insights.


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