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Fabiola Velarde

Fabiola Velarde

US Managing Director

CH Carolina Herrera

Fabiola Velarde leads North American operations for Carolina Herrera’s lifestyle brand CH Carolina Herrera. She has degrees in architecture and fashion merchandising, and she combines keen business intelligence with an eye for aesthetics and design. The CH Carolina Herrera brand, well established in Europe and Latin America, hired Fabiola in 2006 to spearhead the brand’s launch in North America.


Fabiola Velarde: Steering the Luxury Experience

Throughout her tenure, Fabiola has played an integral role in the design of the luxury experience protocols that the brand follows worldwide. Today, with stores across the US and through her leadership of a best-in-class team, Fabiola Velarde has grown the CH Carolina Herrera brand in North America to be one of the biggest and fastest growing markets for the brand.




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Meeting214-15 March @ Portada LA, Loews Santa Monica
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Meeting411-12 Sept.@ Portada New York
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