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Join Forces with Top Brands at Portada Live, NYC, Sept, 19, 2024!

Ana Lucía Soto

Ana Lucía Soto

National Media Manager


Ana Lucía Soto is JCPenney’s National Media Manager. She develops 360-degree total market strategies. They touch every step of the marketing process, from planning to execution.


Ana Lucía Soto: 18+ Years of Experience

Ana Lucía has more than 18 years of international and multidisciplinary background in marketing and media. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Science (LCC ’98) from Tec de Monterrey (ITESM, Campus Monterrey). Born in Mexico City, she grew up in Monterrey where she was exposed to the bi-cultural US/Mexican border dynamics. She lives in Dallas, TX.




Sports Marketing Board 2019 Schedule


Meeting1Virtual Meeting, January (tbd)
Meeting214-15 March @ Portada LA, Loews Santa Monica
Meeting3Late July (tbd)
Meeting411-12 Sept.@ Portada New York
IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN MEETING THE ABOVE OR OTHER BRAND MARKETING DECISION MAKERS  who are members of Portada’s  Council System and demand a wide array of marketing services, please contact Portada Sales Manager Michelle Lopez.