Galanoudis joins Content Marketing Firm Imprint

Imprint, a Sullivan Content Lab, announced the hire of Georgia Galanoudis as Managing Director. Galanoudis will report directly to Andy Seibert, Managing Partner of Imprint. Galanoudis joins Imprint from Meredith Corporation’s MXM.

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Georgia Galanoudis, Managing Director, Imprint
Imprint is a full-service custom content firm based in New York City owned by  Sullivan, a multi-disciplinary brand engagement firm whose clients include Cornell Tech, Merrill Lynch and American Express . Galanoudis tells Portada that “given the extensive experience of our editorial and creative team there’s no limit to what Imprint can help clients achieve. At our core, we are channel and format agnostic with a clear focus on keeping our approach to branded content simple and results-driven. Interestingly, as virtually all team members have financial services experience, this translates into a keen ability to simplify the complex – from ecosystems of products and services to audience needs.”

At our core, we are channel and format agnostic.

Multicultural Effort

Regarding Imprint’s multicultural efforts, Galanoudis notes that her team just “put a workplace-based retirement program into market for a client with a specific multicultural target.” She adds that “the Imprint team understands today’s total market composition and how that needs to influence our client’s initiatives.  TAs a team we are all particularly motivated by content strategies that educate and simplify complex topics. This is particularly true in financial services and healthcare—two areas where content marketing strategies can really add value to consumer understanding and decision making.”