Sounding Off: Jorg Nowak “Engaging Hispanics with Digital Video Advertising: A Primer for 2014”

Jorg Nowak is Head of Latin America and US Hispanics at YuMe. “Most of us know, US Hispanics are one of the fastest-growing US populations, and they will contribute an even greater share (60% +) of all population growth over the next five years. Major brands and agencies are realizing that US Hispanics are where their future is. Don’t find yourself caught on the sidelines”.

Sounding Off: S. Echeverría “Affordable Care Act: Enrolling Latinos Using Digital Media”

Like many other industries, the healthcare industry will be facing a digital transformation which creates opportunities to leverage “big data” in ways that are more relevant and engaging for users. More than ever, insurers, HMOs/managed care and hospital groups need to develop communication strategies that connect culturally with this growing and thriving population. Close to 15 million Hispanics will benefit from The Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Sounding Off: J. Kaplan and A. Figueroa “Understanding the Changing Face of America: A Matter of Health”

Jill D. Kaplan is the CEO of Hudson Holland Global & Arminda “Mindy” Figueroa is the founder and president of  Latin2Latin Marketing + Communications. The health of our nation rests in great part in the health of the Latino population. They currently represent 53M (16.9%) of the U.S. Population and they are projected to be 100M (33.3%) […]

Sounding Off: Jim Gibson ‘Social Media Completes Buying Cycle – Doesn’t Compete With Search’

Jim Gibson is a seasoned entrepreneur, publisher and certified online marketing professional who speaks regularly at established industry events. Lately, I’ve been reading a ton of articles that discuss how social media is impacting search. The most common question is whether social networking is changing the way people search for information online? Or more importantly, […]

Sounding Off: Riccardo Tafa: “Can Sports Hospitality Be an Effective Marketing Platform?”

Riccardo Tafa is Managing Director of RTR Sports, a Marketing Agency.  Tafa is a professional consultant expert on Sports Sponsorship and Strategic Marketing Management with 10 years of experience. Traditional advertising channels are overcrowding our world. Target audiences are increasingly disenchanted by ads and publicity and more and more unresponsive to commercial break. Can sports marketing […]


FIFA Adds Women’s Soccer Strategy

FIFA Adds Women’s Soccer Strategy

For FIFA, increased participation will mean increased interest in the women's game, leading to more marketing opportunities for brands as well.

4 Essential Takeaways From Portada New York’s Conference

4 Essential Takeaways From Portada New York’s Conference

#PortadaNY was a great opportunity for attendees to discuss passion-point marketing's most imminent issues. Karina Masolova, Contributor at Large for Portada, has put together the following recap of essential takeaways from yesterday's panels.

#PortadaNY Soccer Marketing Key Takeaways from Allstate, Comcast, NYCFC and Scouts Sports and Entertainment

#PortadaNY Soccer Marketing Key Takeaways from Allstate, Comcast, NYCFC and Scouts Sports and Entertainment

Portada New York included two sports marketing panels, featuring Portada board member and Allstate Director of Sports Marketing Daniel Keats, Comcast’s Hispanic Marketing Director Alejandro Solorio, Portada board member and EVP, Managing Partner, Scout Sports and Entertainment Michael Neuman, and Jon Patricof, president of the New York City Football Club.