Zilch Expands Technological Innovation Efforts with European Centre for Excellence in Krakow

LONDON & KRAKOW, Poland–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Zilch, the groundbreaking direct-to-consumer (D2C) credit provider and advertising technology platform, announces the opening of its new technology hub in Krakow, Poland. This strategic move establishes a European Centre for Excellence which will serve as a pivotal facility dedicated to accelerating the development and implementation of new innovative features and technologies.

The Krakow hub marks Zilch’s third global location, complementing the company’s London headquarters in the UK and its Miami office in the US. With over 30% of Zilch’s software engineers based in Krakow, the technology hub is poised for further expansion over the next two years. This growth will leverage Poland’s thriving economy, its renowned business services sector, and a local labour market boasting a vast pool of highly skilled technology specialists.

Under the leadership of Zilch’s CTO, Sean Hederman, the Krakow team will collaborate closely with the core engineering centre in the UK, setting the stage for the establishment of additional technology hubs worldwide to sustain Zilch’s continued growth trajectory.

This investment in Zilch’s core product development capabilities aligns seamlessly with the company’s strategic focus, which has propelled Zilch to over 3 million registered customers in record time.

Philip Belamant, CEO and Co-Founder of Zilch, stated, “The current global macroeconomic climate has led to a marked increase in financial exclusion for customers and a significant reduction in funding for private firms. This creates an environment where well-funded, economically viable and highly scalable companies like Zilch can leapfrog the competition while delivering immense value to the mass market customer. While others are scaling back, we are doubling down on investment into our team, product, and customers. This strategic step is part of our targeted investment program into R&D and technology. We expect our new Krakow operation will serve as a blueprint for similar technology hubs worldwide.”

About Zilch

Zilch’s vision is to eliminate the cost of consumer credit. For good.

Zilch is a pioneering direct-to-consumer (D2C) credit provider (via BNPL) & advertising technology platform. Leveraging its unique vertically integrated, first party data business model to set itself apart from the incumbent fintech industry with a profitable global revenue source, bringing unrivalled value to customers and marketers alike. Today Zilch is revolutionising the $46 trillion advertising and payments industries by merging the very best of debit, credit, and savings.

Zilch provides millions of customers the freedom to go anywhere in the world (online or offline) and when they pay, earn up to 5% cashback & rewards on debit payments (‘Pay in 1’) or spread interest-free credit repayments over six weeks (‘Pay in 4’). Within 24 months since launch in 2020, Zilch amassed more than 3 million registered customers, and to date has transacted nearly $2bn in GMV, generating its customers over $160m in savings.

With the launch of our proprietary Ad-Subsidised-Payments Network (ASPN), Zilch allows retailers worldwide instant connection with millions of Zilch’s first-party data, closed loop network of high intent customers. Offering customers personalised savings, deals and discounts codified to their habitual spend.

In January 2023, Zilch struck a ground-breaking reporting agreement with the UK’s prime credit reference agencies, transforming the UK lending ecosystem by enabling 50m+ adults to build their credit records using interest-free credit rather than high-cost revolving credit products.

Since April 2020, Zilch has been regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) after obtaining a consumer credit licence through the Regulatory Sandbox Programme.

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