ZenBusiness Announces the Acquisition of Ureeka

Addition of the small business growth and customer acquisition platform will give ZenBusiness customers a leg-up on their journey to success

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ZenBusiness, the only one-stop guided platform to help entrepreneurs launch, run, and grow a successful business, today announced the acquisition of Ureeka, a growth-engine platform designed to help small businesses attract new customers. As ZenBusiness continues to grow and add to its suite of best-in-class offerings, the addition of the Ureeka platform will help ZenBusiness’s many customers grow into more successful businesses.

Built by successful business owners who know the formula proven to drive growth, Ureeka’s platform combines the technology, courses and services to help entrepreneurs scale their businesses. The company, its platform, and their team of coaches provide feedback and strategy for businesses seeking to boost brand awareness, leverage digital channels for customer acquisition, and kickstart sales growth by focusing on website optimization and effective marketing strategies.

“We are excited to integrate Ureeka’s platform into the work we’re doing to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs grow and thrive,” said ZenBusiness CEO Ross Buhrdorf. “Being a business owner can be challenging, but it’s also one of the most rewarding opportunities people have to take control of their futures. By acquiring Ureeka, we’re now able to support business owners even more than we already do — from business inception on day-one to supporting them as they smash their growth goals through customer acquisitions, and beyond.”

“Helping small businesses grow has been the center of our story since starting this journey,” said Ureeka CEO Dave Jakubowski. “Joining the ZenBusiness team allows us to continue that mission at a greater scale.”

Originally created to help traditional businesses succeed with innovative digital strategies, Ureeka’s full-suite of cutting-edge tools will complement ZenBusiness’s current offerings. This new arsenal of products will be thoughtfully integrated to help entrepreneurs make their businesses official, manage their money, and win new customers. With a shared commitment to ‘unleashing the entrepreneur in everybody’ these two companies are ready to make entrepreneurship an option for anyone.

The acquisition comes at a time of significant growth for ZenBusiness as more and more people walk away from the traditional 9 to 5 job and seek to be their own boss and take charge of their professional lives. The full complement of Ureeka employees and customers have joined ZenBusiness through this completed acquisition.

About ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness, a Public Benefit Corporation, is a one-stop tech platform that helps entrepreneurs launch, run, and grow the business of their dreams. ZenBusiness supports entrepreneurs through incorporation; helps automate their invoicing, payroll, and banking; organizes their expenses and taxes; build their websites; craft their marketing; and give them all the education and inspiration they need to earn customers and turn profits – at an affordable and clear price. By giving entrepreneurs what they need — worry-free services, frontline support, and an all-inclusive platform — ZenBusiness is empowering the next generation of business ownership. Founded in 2017, ZenBusiness is based in Austin, Texas. Visit www.ZenBusiness.com and follow @zenbusinessinc for more information.


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