Yieldmo Expands Patent Portfolio to More Than 20 After Securing Recent Patent on its Smart Curation Technology

With a further dozen pending, Yieldmo’s patents cover omnichannel creative format technology and machine-learning driven inventory curation and scoring, and highlights the unique value the company delivers to the ad industry

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Yieldmo, the smart advertising exchange that differentiates and enhances the value of ad inventory for buyers and sellers, has today announced its latest patent, for its Smart Curation technology. The company now holds a total of 22 patents, with more than a dozen additional pending; eighteen are utility patents that protect Yieldmo’s ability to capture proprietary attention.

“We’re really proud of being awarded this latest patent, and our growing portfolio of patents shows our commitment to being a forward-thinking tech company solving the problems faced by consumers, marketers, and publishers,” commented Mike Yavonditte, Founder & CEO, at Yieldmo. “To solve these problems, powerful technology is required. Smart Curation, along with our other solutions, enable us to offer a smarter exchange and help us capture more signals for advertisers and brands in a privacy-friendly way, as well as curate inventory and deliver superior creative experiences.”

Yieldmo’s patents cover omnichannel creative format technology – on video, native, display, and CTV – and machine-learning driven inventory curation and scoring. By securing these patents, Yieldmo ensures its entire value chain is protected and proves its foundational technology investment.

One of Yieldmo’s most recent patents is for its Smart Curation technology, which covers curating and scoring impressions based on very granular attributes, and predicting which types of impressions will lead to better outcomes, all without reliance on cookies or unique user-level identifiers. Smart Curation utilises proprietary, privacy-compliant signals that help predict performance – attention signals, like gestures, interest, and visibility, and environmental signals, like situational and timing – all collected by Yieldmo. Smart Curation harnesses this data and curates inventory in real time to maximise outcomes such as CTR, video completion rate, viewability, and conversions.

About Yieldmo

Yieldmo is an advertising technology company that operates a smarter version of an exchange that differentiates and increases the value of ad inventory for buyers and sellers. We capture and interpret unique, privacy-compliant, predictive signals that increase engagement, and use that data to curate inventory in real-time through machine learning and optimization. We surface the highest performing inventory for advertisers, which in turn increases monetization for publishers.


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