TruthDAO also Introduces Exclusive News NFTs

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#DAOGun control, global unrest and free speech are among the many topics that will be tackled on TruthDAO’s Celebrity POV, a show at the intersection of fame and news where A-list celebrities, up-and-comers, trend makers and cultural influencers discuss real issues affecting the world.

Hosted by Mitchell Fink, a veteran Hollywood journalist and bestselling New York Times author, Celebrity POV will shine a spotlight on issues and current events across politics, business, entertainment, sports, and the burgeoning cryptosphere. Online audiences can ask questions and interact directly with guests during the approximately one-hour live, unfiltered broadcasts.

The twice-monthly show, streaming alternating Wednesdays at 7 PM Eastern Time in the U.S., will debut this summer. Celebrity POV will appear on the Fireside multimedia platform founded by Falon Fatemi and Mark Cuban, and will also stream live on TruthDAO’s YouTube channel.

Celebrity POV is the latest offering from TruthDAO, the world’s first Web3 and blockchain backed news organization dedicated to nonpartisan, bias-free journalism. TruthDAO also produces CryptoDeFined, a live weekly show on Fireside where TruthDAO correspondent and former Wall Street Journal and USA Today reporter Kathy Chu interviews experts to explain, deconstruct, and demystify the crypto industry.

“TruthDAO’s mission is to bring real, factual journalism back to the world,” said Leslie Cauley, TruthDAO founder and 25-year veteran business journalist, including a decade at the Wall Street Journal. “Celebrity POV, along with our other shows and original reporting, fulfills this mission through professional, unbiased, non-partisan news and discussion free from ‘cancel culture’ or pre-packaged newsroom narratives.”

World’s first Web3 News NFTs

TruthDAO also will produce custom-designed, limited-edition NFTs (non-fungible tokens) highlighting a key quote or insight from guest interviews. The NFTs will be creatively rendered by TruthDAO’s in-house artist, Dean Dalfonzo, a professor at the Pratt Institute of Art and the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York.

These and other NFTs planned by TruthDAO will use the power of Web3 and blockchain technology to unlock exclusive access to branded content, experiences, and rewards. NFT membership holders also will be able to contribute story and sourcing suggestions, participate in polls, provide direct feedback about TruthDAO’s reporting, and more.

“We say that TruthDAO is a ‘new way to news,’ and we intend to live by that promise,” said Cauley. “This is only the beginning of how we will remind the world what serious journalism looks like.”

TruthDAO operates with community support and interaction through a “DAO” (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) structure. Members contribute story ideas, provide perspectives, and engage in robust debate. A firm supporter of press freedom, TruthDAO and its global community advocate for a return to quality reporting, so that the news media, especially in the United States, can once again be a beacon of trust.

Cauley will discuss TruthDAO’s vision for journalism and its plans to reshape the news landscape at the annual Consensus Conference, produced by leading crypto industry publication CoinDesk. She will be interviewed Thursday, June 9, at 1 PM Central Time by CoinDesk Editor-in-Chief Kevin Reynolds at the DAO House, one of a dozen event stages expected to draw more than 15,000 to downtown Austin.

About TruthDAO

TruthDAO is a nonpartisan, bias-free news organization and publishing platform, built with community support through a decentralized DAO structure (the newsroom is independent). Based in Austin, Texas, TruthDAO’s leadership team includes crypto, media, and digital marketing specialists. Visit to learn more, or follow TruthDAO on Twitter, YouTube, and Discord.


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