Woodman’s Selects InMobi Commerce as Video-Based Product Discovery and Retail Media Solution

Nestlé Among Brands to Adopt Video Advertising Experiences on Woodman’s Site

SAN MATEO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–InMobi Commerce, one of most modern and innovative advertising technology platforms for retailers and eCommerce companies, today announced a partnership with Woodman’s, an employee-owned American supermarket chain with stores throughout Wisconsin and northern Illinois. InMobi Commerce will launch the program with a suite of video-based product discovery and monetization solutions. These solutions will help Woodman’s engage and inspire shoppers, allowing them to discover and consider products in their shopping journey while maximizing reach for participating brands.

While other verticals are building momentum in retail media, grocery is still seen as the key vertical for future growth, according to eMarketer. In this partnership, InMobi will provide the grocer with video ad experiences to help enrich and shorten the consumer path to purchase, as well as AI-powered campaign automation and optimization tools.

These video-led solutions have helped Woodman’s establish a Retail Media arm that is able to reach their loyal audiences across their ecommerce site (powered by Point Pickup), allowing them to attract conversations from national brands. This has helped Woodman’s position themselves as a differentiated retail media player that can offer full funnel marketing solutions to its marketing partners in a single window.

“As retail media continues to evolve, Woodman’s has been looking for partners to help us stay on the cutting edge with innovative solutions that will both attract deeper investment from our brand partners while creating an easier, more seamless customer experience on our site,” says Dan Hess, Director of eCommerce at Woodman’s. “InMobi’s stance as a video-led platform that helps more regionally focused grocers with solutions like AI-powered campaign automation and optimization solidified them as the perfect partner for our retail media journey.”

This focus on video has made Woodman’s site a premium destination for their brand advertising partners, which now include both local brands and large national CPGs. Nestlé was one of the first to jump at the opportunity to utilize the video experiences now available on Woodman’s site, starting with sponsored product video.

“Video ad experiences have become key to attracting consumers’ attention in a world where brands are competing for it daily,” says Tyler Weigman, National Shopper Marketing Lead at Nestlé. “We are excited to partner with InMobi to bring our products to life through innovative video experiences on Woodman’s site.”

Leveraging InMobi’s deep ad tech expertise on the supply side, InMobi Commerce provides a platform for retailers to offer premium ad space and connect brands with high-intent shoppers as they research, browse, and shop online. The solution’s industry-first video formats including brand video, sponsored product video, and shoppable ads, provide advertisers with premium content that helps drive increased engagement and return on investment.

“InMobi Commerce makes product discovery very seamless and helps consumers become more informed and acquainted with brands through its unique shoppable formats,” says Jimit Doshi, Senior Vice President and General Manager of InMobi Commerce. “In a time where Consumer attention is precious InMobi’s beautiful and native video experiences is proving the best opportunity for brands to meet consumers in their shopping journeys and closest to point of sale.”

Powered by machine learning and providing deep, strategic insights, InMobi Commerce helps retailers to stage the program with no additional resource investments while offering advertisers solutions like an AI bidder helps brands launch campaigns under 90 – seconds while never having to worry about optimization, bringing greater efficiency and effectiveness to the demand side as well.

InMobi Commerce is an innovative suite of product discovery and monetization solutions, for retailers and e-commerce companies that are designed to help maximize media-derived revenues. InMobi Commerce is a pioneer in launching shoppable videos to retailers, helping them create high-impact video shopping experiences, moving immersive product discovery from social platforms back to their owned channels.

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