WholesaleCentral.com Launches Full Scale Redesign

SHELTON, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–WholesaleCentral.com, America’s oldest and largest B2B directory of wholesale suppliers and products, has redesigned their website to offer state of the art technologies across all vital UX and UI capabilities. Search, filtration, company product and listing presentations, as well as verification processes have all been dynamically upgraded.

These exciting improvements will provide a far more potent experience for both merchandise buyers and wholesale suppliers. The unique wholesalecentral.com model of connecting B2B partners without transaction fees remains the lynchpin that has cemented the site in its leading position for over 25 years. With new and improved sourcing tools and functionalities, the site now stands alone in efficiency and user experience in the merchandise B2B space.

Wholesale Central is not a financial fiduciary — it simply connects resellers directly with wholesalers, allowing both buyers and suppliers to maximize their profits. With continuing innovation and extensive product offerings in over 50 major merchandise categories, including Apparel, Fashion Accessories, General Merchandise, Gifts, CBD, Jewelry, Novelties, Amazon FBA, and dozens more, Wholesale Central commands top organic search rankings on all major search engines, solidifying its position atop the wholesale buying and selling industry.

Both seasoned and novice buyers value the original business articles, buying guides, white papers, and up-to-the-minute industry news produced by the in-house editorial team located on the site’s blog. Suppliers are well served with their own industry news blog featuring new original content. The one-of-a-kind tradeshow calendar serves both buyers and suppliers alike, with timely updates and information on upcoming industry events.

“I am honored and excited to present the upgraded website for the internet’s leading wholesale directory,” Scott Sumner, CEO of parent company Sumner Communications, said. “Years in development, our team has worked tirelessly on this redesign to bring the best modern functionality to the most powerful and trusted lineup of wholesale suppliers available to buyers anywhere. Our user experience is now second to none.”

About Wholesale Central

Wholesalecentral.com is a product of Sumner Communications, publisher of directories and websites serving the wholesale merchandise buying and selling communities since 1988. The company’s mission is to constantly grow and improve B2B relationships in the General Merchandise Industry and to facilitate sales and profitability for wholesalers and resellers nationwide.


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