Watercolor Artist Magazine Celebrates 30th Anniversary

An industry icon reflects on its rich history and looks toward the future

GOLDEN, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Watercolor Artist, a Golden Peak Media publication, has spent 30 years helping water-based painters master new techniques and grow their practice. From inspiring features in which artists share insights to skill-building exercises that give readers practical instruction, the magazine’s editors ensure that every issue contains a wealth of knowledge.

“We move ahead with a renewed commitment to showcase the best in watermedia and bring artists the advice and expertise that will inform and inspire their own painting practice.”

– Anne Hevener, Editor-in-Chief

One of the primary objectives of Watercolor Artist is to serve as a spotlight for exceptional talent. To that end, this special anniversary edition celebrates the award-winning paintings from the 14th Annual Watermedia Showcase. Borders don’t constrain amazing talent, and it’s exciting to see that the seven featured artists hail from across the U.S. as well as China, Turkey, and Vietnam. To create an incredible “look-book” of inspiring watercolors, editors pair the winners’ work with a beautifully crafted profile detailing the artists’ background, creative process, and intention.

“Our mission is to inspire, educate, and connect artists worldwide, and Watercolor Artist has been doing that for an impressive 30 years. It’s a testament to the enthusiasm of our talented staff and the artists we serve. We look forward to continuing to bring our readers’ creative aspirations to life and extending the magazine experience via our newsletters, workshops, and events!”

– Kate Butler, Chief Content Officer

The magazine, popular with passionate amateurs and professionals alike, also functions as a repository for decades of knowledge. Look at the Burning Question column, where artists answer questions such as, “What do you know now that you wish you’d known when you were first getting started?” The Creativity Workshop section is similarly positioned, permitting readers to “break the rules” and experiment. Watercolor Artist will extend its reach later this year by bringing a new event, Art Fest, to consumers so they can experiment, build their craft, and connect with leading instructors in real-time.

“As Chairman, I am proud to continue our investment in the art communities and to highlight more international work. In an increasingly digital age, creating and celebrating art in all forms is more important than ever. Watercolor Artist has been a leader in this mission for 30 years, and we are excited to continue to inspire and connect artists to their passion for many more years to come.”

– Terence O’Toole, Chairman

The mathematics of three decades of watermedia celebration is impressive. With the work of five to ten artists featured in every issue of the publication, the total number of watercolors showcased adds up to well over 12,000. In other words, Watercolor Artist has showcased entire galleries’ worth of paintings each year! To learn more about the magazine, visit ArtistsNetwork.com.

About Golden Peak

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Jessi Rodriguez, jrodriguez@goldenpeakmedia.com