NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Law Firm of Tamara N. Holder, LLC has filed a charge of discrimination with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, on behalf of a female, 17-year veteran employee Executive Producer for iHeart Radio and Total Traffic and Weather Network (TTWN).

The woman alleges, in a 55-page complaint, she has endured years of a hostile work environment and retaliation, and that iHeart/TTWN collaboratively use a kitchen-sink variety of discriminatory tactics and techniques, including but not limited to “gaslighting, bullying, sabotage of her work product, and vague microaggressions.” She further alleges that, “Despite publicly holding themselves out as maintaining a workplace that treats women with respect and dignity, iHeart/TTWN maintain a systemic structure of abuse, demoralization and psychological torture.”

The woman also alleges:

  • Her supervisor was previously accused, in a lawsuit by a former female reporter, of ignoring her complaints of sexual harassment by a male coworker. And yet, while that lawsuit was pending, iHeart/TTWN hired him anyway.
  • After her daughter died of Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma – the deadliest brain tumor in children – her male supervisor changed her schedule so she could no longer attend grief meetings.
  • Despite knowing she was taking a personal day to remember her daughter on what would have been her 15th birthday, her male supervisor harassed her on her personal email, demanding work product that she already sent him.
  • Her male supervisor sabotages her work product, which affects her relationships with her coworkers.
  • She has been given physical restrictions, like being told she cannot “free roam” in the office.

The complaint further alleges that, for years, the female producer has complained to her supervisor’s bosses, to iHeart Human Resources, and to her SAG/AFTRA union, only to be ignored, told that the company is “looking into it,” or told her complaints do not warrant an investigation. Other times she has been told she can “give up her job if it’s too much for her.” And yet, the female employee has never been written-up or placed on a Performance Improvement Plan (“PIP”).

The woman’s attorney, Tamara Holder, is a former progressive analyst and host on Fox News Channel who now focuses her practice on corporate abuse and misconduct.


Attorney Tamara Holder



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