The Gap Between Continues to Be an Essential Resource for Caretakers this June during Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#alzheimers–Over 55 million people live with dementia worldwide according to the World Health Organization. Alzheimer’s disease may contribute to 60–70% of such cases, and the number of people affected is set to rise to 139 million by 2050. Now more than ever, as family members and friends prepare to care for a loved one diagnosed with this disease, resources are necessary to help plan for the expected, and unexpected, parts of Alzheimer’s.

In The Gap Between: Loving and Supporting Someone with Alzheimer’s (Brown Books Publishing Group), Mary Moreland provides a deeply moving portrayal of what it means to be a daughter and caregiver of a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s. Moreland lends an accessible, conversational voice to this complex topic. Part memoir, part self-help, and part informational guide for dealing with Alzheimer’s progressive stages, each chapter of The Gap Between concludes with a poem from award-winning poet who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s: Jane Moreland (Mary’s mother).

Moreland delicately demonstrates that grief is constantly evolving as she watches her “Benjamin Button” adult mother gradually transition into an infant child before her eyes. Using her background as a lawyer and her newfound role as caregiver, her insights from professional resources as well as her own personal experiences provide readers with information they may find helpful, such as:

  • The stages of Alzheimer’s: how to recognize each stage and what to expect
  • Legal issues that may arise: how to prepare in advance with proper documentation
  • Communication strategies: with the diagnosed loved one as well as children who interact with said loved one so that trust is maintained
  • Treatment progression: from in-home nurse to eventual hospice care, with costs associated

“I applaud Mary Moreland for her generosity and the authenticity she shares in her journey with her mother, Jane. Knowing you’re not alone and learning from others who have walked the same path before you is priceless. As is this book, The Gap Between.” —Susie Singer Carter, Filmmaker of My Mom and the Girl and Host of “Love Conquers Alz” Podcast

“Mary Moreland shares her caring experience and exposes the gaps that trip families up — like the emotional triggers that can stay a lifetime if we aren’t prepared for them.” —Lori La Bey, Founder of Alzheimer’s Speaks and Co-Founder of Dementia Map


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