SproutLoud Platform Expands Organic Social Posting and Reporting Capabilities

SUNRISE, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SproutLoud, a leader in distributed marketing technology, is proud to announce the expansion of the platform’s organic social media capabilities, which make it easy for a brand’s local business partners to automate the use of brand-curated content and measure customer engagement.

“SproutLoud’s enhancements to organic social will help local channel partners better leverage social media as a critical and growing marketing channel,” said Anjan Upadhya, SproutLoud Chief Technology Officer and Managing Partner. “By automating access to brand-provided organic social content and tracking key performance metrics, we’re simplifying the entire social media management process for partners, saving them time and resources, so they can focus on growing their local businesses.”

  • Organic Social Posts on LinkedIn

Channel partners using SproutLoud’s social media integration can now post content on LinkedIn personal and business pages, extending already existing capabilities to do so on Facebook and Twitter. By expanding organic social posting to include LinkedIn, partners can use social templates, marketing programs and freeform posts across all three social media platforms.

  • Integration with RSS Feeds

With SproutLoud, enterprise brands can now use integrated RSS feeds to provide social media and marketing content to their partners, resellers, retailers, dealers, distributors, agents, brokers, franchisees, frontline employees and other end users. By introducing RSS feeds, brands can deliver a steady stream of pre-created, pre-approved news, information and updates that can be automatically converted to organic social posts for an unlimited number of channel partner subscribers. All this is done without creating any additional work for the brand. Existing content — including articles, news, updates and information — can be included in RSS feeds, with daily automated updates to capture new content. With the use of templates, brands maintain control over how content is displayed and made available to partners who subscribe to their RSS feeds.

This solves major challenges for local businesses that find it overwhelming to constantly create and deliver relevant, timely, engaging content across multiple social media platforms and marketing tactics. Integrated RSS feeds for social posts also eliminate the possibility of errors in copying and linking content on multiple social media platforms. Now, partners can save time and resources by subscribing to their brand’s RSS feed and automatically posting approved content. Content from integrated RSS feeds can also be used for marketing programs.

  • Organic Social Performance Reporting

SproutLoud’s enhanced organic social capabilities also include performance reporting. This gives brands and their channel partners the ability to measure the performance of social media posts for better insight into audience engagement and to identify opportunities to improve messaging, timing and reach.

Access to meaningful data on partners’ social media performance helps brands and their partners understand how messaging is resonating with target audiences. Brands also have more influence over how channel partners build online communities — to boost brand awareness, foster brand loyalty and support customers. With organic social reporting capabilities, brands can easily monitor key performance metrics, including: impressions, click-through rates, engagement, reach, and virality, across their partner ecosystem.

  • Adding Emojis to Social Posts

In addition to text, images and videos, SproutLoud now supports the use of emojis in organic social posts. With SproutLoud’s new emoji picker, channel partners can easily search and select any emoji commonly available on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for use in their posts.


SproutLoud is a leading SaaS-based Through Channel Marketing Automation platform, designed to increase brand sales through channel partners, distributors, and customer-facing employees in local markets. SproutLoud’s intuitive distributed marketing platform makes it simple to launch brand-compliant, sophisticated, omni-channel marketing campaigns quickly and easily. SproutLoud gives brands unparalleled visibility on ROI for individual tactics, campaigns, promotions, partner engagement, and platform usage. With SproutLoud, brands have the advantage of responding rapidly to changing market conditions with data-driven decisions.


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