Southern California Media Tech Veterans Are Building the 1st Fully Autonomous AI Newsroom Product

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–HeyWire AI, a B2B SAAS company, announced today the upcoming launch of WELLS, the industry’s first self-prompting, and fully autonomous AI SAAS content generation engine. This groundbreaking venture will revolutionize the way news is generated, delivered, and consumed.

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, the new AI newsroom is set to redefine the boundaries of journalism. By employing advanced algorithms, natural language processing, and data gathering and analytics, this system will have the capability to autonomously research, verify, and write news articles across multiple platforms, at unprecedented scales.

The Southern California-based team consists of individuals with extensive experience in news media and technology. Their collective expertise, spanning decades of innovation and disruption, has led them to develop an AI newsroom that surpasses any existing automated news systems.

“WELLS is an independent AI entity that identifies, gathers, and verifies real-time information from multiple sources, then creates content with no human prompting and then submits them to human editors for final review and publishing,” said Von Raees, founder and CEO of HeyWire AI. “Our mission is to empower newsrooms to scale high-quality original content. This frees up staff time and resources, allowing journalists to spend their time investigating and generating original content.”

This innovative approach promises to deliver news stories promptly, without compromising quality or integrity.

“The AI newsroom is designed to enhance news production efficiency, speed, and accuracy,” said Jeffrey S. Klein, an advisor to HeyWire AI, and a former senior executive at the Los Angeles Times. “By automating the mundane, labor-intensive aspects of news reporting, such as data analysis, research, and fact-checking, journalists can focus on higher-level tasks that require human judgment and intuitive investigation. As the needs of the industry have changed, and its use of technology has evolved, newsrooms must adapt and learn to use tools such as WELLS to enhance their approach to the business and remain competitive,” Klein added.

In addition to fostering a seamless user experience, the project prioritizes ethical considerations. Measures have been implemented to ensure transparency, accountability, and adherence to journalistic principles. Editorial oversight will be maintained to guarantee that the AI system operates within ethical boundaries, promoting truth, accuracy, and responsible reporting. The same platform can also easily be adapted to generate volumes of internal and/or marketing content for a broad base of businesses.

“As Spark Network evolves and begins to embrace AI technologies, we’ve noticed that HeyWire AI’s application is aligned with our vision, and can be a game changer for the news industry,” added Jim Wiandt, CEO of Spark Network, and founder of

The launch of the fully autonomous AI newsroom is scheduled for the third quarter of 2024. In the coming months, the project’s team will collaborate with industry partners, stakeholders, and experts to fine tune the platform and address any potential challenges.

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