Simulmedia Adds New Automated Performance Optimization Feature to Its TV+ Platform, Enabling Unprecedented Transparency

TV+’s Automated Performance Optimization Engine makes it easier for performance-oriented marketers to optimize their CTV campaigns against mid and lower-funnel metrics

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Simulmedia is upgrading its TV+ platform with Automated Performance Optimization (APO), a new feature that empowers brands to unlock their full performance potential in CTV advertising. Enabled by powerful machine learning, APO is always learning, experimenting and calibrating so that brands reach their performance goals faster and more efficiently. Unlike other black-box optimization algorithms, APO is built with transparency from the ground up — advertisers can monitor budget reallocation and performance against other conversion-based KPIs.

Most CTV campaigns are improperly optimized. Demand-side platforms offer off-the-shelf optimization capabilities and leave traders in the dark when it comes to the AI’s decision-making. Manual optimization gives more control but is tedious and time-consuming. Even the most sophisticated programmatic buyers report feeling frustrated — auto-optimization either works or doesn’t, and learning why is difficult.

TV+’s new Auto Performance Optimization feature is the latest optimization feature to hit the market, purpose-built for connected TV. The engine allows buyers to choose the metric to optimize for, from mid-funnel website visits to lower-funnel conversions, and then allocates based on parameters that yield the best outcomes. Automated Performance Optimization enables buyers to:

  • See under the hood to course-correct: Automated Performance Optimization’s level of transparency is unlike any other solution, providing complete visibility into budget allocation decisions. Buyers can track APO’s lift, identify top-performing publishers and dayparts, and derive insights from its decision-making to enhance stakeholder communication and learning.
  • Achieve performance goals faster: By leveraging machine learning, TV+’s optimization engine analyzes web traffic and conversion patterns to maximize conversions. It continually learns, experiments, and calibrates, leading to faster achievement of KPIs.
  • Track optimization against multiple KPIs: TV+’s Optimization Engine handles complex conversion funnels while optimizing for a specific metric. Additionally, it’s easy to monitor and report on the progress of the campaign across multiple action/conversion KPIs.

Getting started is easy. To optimize targeting and improve conversion rates, brands first set up the Simulmedia Pixel on their website or app. TV+ then uses this data to identify key parameters and leverage its APO to optimize the targeting and budget allocation strategy automatically. Throughout the campaign, a programmatic team can monitor the average cost per visit in TV+.

“We are very proud to release Automated Performance Optimization (APO). A lot of work went into building a solution designed for flexibility and transparency. No matter how clients define success, we can help them achieve their performance goals faster and more efficiently harnessing the power of machine learning.” – Gregorio Galletti, Product Manager, Simulmedia

“Any channel that we run in, we think of accountability, optimization, and making sure that we are using as much data as we have to make informed decisions so that our investment is as efficient as possible. This [feature] seemed like a natural extension. I believe it’s a first-mover advantage in the marketplace. It’s always appealing when you can learn before your competitors and get a head start.” – Shaun Farrar, Senior Director, Global Media at Monster

Automated Performance Optimization is officially live on Simulmedia’s TV+ platform. To learn more about TV+, visit

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