Simple Mills is Recruiting its First Chief Cheese Officer in Honor of Its Cheesiest Launch to Date, Cheddar Pop Mmms™ Veggie Flour Baked Snack Crackers

Leader in Nutritious Snacks Creates its Youngest C-Suite Position EVER, Offering $10,000 to One Six- to Twelve-Year-Old Who Loves Cheesy, Crispy, Crunchy Snacks

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Simple Mills, the company on a mission to advance the holistic health of the planet and its people through delicious, better-for-you foods, is looking for its first Chief Cheese Officer (CCO) to lend his or her cheese expertise to the brand’s exciting new bold, airy, bite-sized snack crackers, Cheddar Pop Mmms™. Open to kids ages six to twelve who are cheese fanatics, the new C-Suite position will pay $10,000 to one un-brie-lievable candidate who embodies the ultimate cheesiness. In addition to getting paid to eat cheesy snacks like Pop Mmms™, the CCO will taste test 50 different cheeses (yes, 50!) to help choose the next Pop Mmms™ flavor, handle “quality assurance” for each new craveable batch of Pop Mmms™, conduct “recess research” with friends for “consumer insights,” and serve as Simple Mills’ official CHEESEfluencer by spreading the word about the new bold, cheesy snack.

The brand’s newest innovation, Pop Mmms™, are a delicious, flavor-packed popped cheese cracker that parents can feel better about buying for their families. All Simple Mills products are made with ingredients you – and your body – can recognize; Pop Mmms are no different! Crafted with a wholesome vegetable blend that includes organic butternut squash and organic red bean, Pop Mmms™ deliver on texture and taste, offering a unique crispy, airy finish, baked full of flavor from real organic cheddar cheese. Simple Mills created the CCO role to get these crunchy, poppable crackers into as many hands and households as possible. Americans will fall in love with these cheesy, craveable, diamond-shaped bites while they enjoy with friends and family.

The brand’s search will not be complete until they find their very own (G.O.A.T.) cheese expert. Interested applicants should be willing to participate in the following esteemed duties, including:

  • Taste each new batch of Pop Mmms™ for “quality assurance” – The CCO will make sure each box of crackers delivers the ultimate cheesy taste and airy texture in every handful. Nothing gets cheddar than that!
  • Taste test 50 different kinds of cheese and rank them to help choose the next Pop Mmms™ flavor – Set your mind at cheese while taste testing for future innovations! The CCO will try a variety of cheeses, from provolone to parmesan and more.
  • Meet with our CEO, Katlin Smith, to share feedback and ideas for new innovations – The CCO will travel to our office in Chicago, Illinois to share direct feedback on Pop Mmms™ ideas for future product innovations. They will brie instrumental in our marketing efforts AND innovation.
  • Conduct “recess research” with other kids to collect “consumer insights” – The CCO will share Pop Mmms™ baked cracker snacks with friends to get their thoughts on the insanely cheesy new snack. Trust us, you’ll become the coolest kid on the playground with these deliciously cheesy bites! Plus, we bet your classmates won’t know we’ve snuck in a bunch of veggies – Pop Mmms™ are made with organic butternut squash and organic red bean!
  • Help out with our “marketing efforts” by starring in our first ever cheese campaign! – Spend the day on a photo shoot so we can spread the word about our new Chief Cheese Officer on social media. Plus, friends will think you’re pretty awesome too!
  • Serve as our official CHEESEfluencer! – The CCO will spread the word about our new cracker and encourage consumers to reach for the boldest, cheesiest snack they can find – Pop Mmms™!

“We’re thrilled to bring on our first Chief Cheese Officer, let alone the youngest C-Suite member we’ve ever had,” said Simple Mills founder and CEO, Katlin Smith. “While our mission to advance the holistic health of people and the planet is a cornerstone for everything we do, taste will always reign supreme when designing new innovations. We know kids will share their honest and unfiltered feedback about their snack options, so this role is going to be critical in providing insights for future Pop Mmms™ flavors and other cheese-forward products. We’re ready to go straight to the source and find a CCO who is passionate about all things bold and cheesy!”

Simple Mills’ new CCO will start his or her duties from Sept. 1 to Oct. 1 of this year, with travel to Simple Mills’ office in Chicago, Illinois to meet with the team and take part in a photo shoot. Parents can nominate their cheese-lovers for the role by submitting a short video of their child talking about why they should be chosen as Simple Mills’ CCO. The recruiting team will be looking for a candidate who is extra CHEESY and BOLD!

To learn more about the role, requirements, and how to apply, please visit Visit for details on the brand’s full portfolio and more on its commitment to regenerative agriculture.

About Simple Mills

Founded in 2012, Simple Mills is a leading provider of better-for-you crackers, cookies, snack bars and baking mixes made with clean, nutrient-dense ingredients and nothing artificial, ever. As a winner of Fast Company’s Brands That Matter for 2022, the company has disrupted center-aisle grocery categories to become the #1 baking mix brand, #1 cracker brand, #1 cookie brand in the natural channel2 with distribution in over 28,000 stores nationwide. Its mission is to advance the holistic health of the planet and its people by positively impacting the way food is made. For more information, visit

  1. Based on USDA MyPlate cup equivalents for blended amounts of butternut squash, red bean and arrowroot.
  2. SPINS Data, $ Sales, Latest 52 Weeks Ending 12/31/22



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