Public Affairs Firm Oaktree Solutions Launches Website, New Brand Identity

The public affairs consulting firm’s new home features thought leadership, relevant news, and information about its services.

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Oaktree Solutions—the public affairs consulting firm founded by Frank V. Carone, former chief of staff to New York City Mayor Eric L. Adams and a celebrated business litigator—launched its new website and brand identity last week.

The website features thought leadership articles written by Oaktree’s leaders, news about the firm’s business, hiring announcements, and information about Oaktree’s principals and the different services it offers to clients.

Building on Carone’s career of solving complex challenges, Oaktree offers services including issue advocacy and market positioning, litigation support, crisis management, government relations strategy, business development support, executive problem solving, and equity and sustainability consulting.

“We’re excited to launch our new digital home, which speaks volumes about our goals and values,” Carone said. “Oaktree brings joy, value, and understanding to our clients, and our brand is designed to evoke these principles.”

The new site emphasizes the core of Oaktree’s approach: ensuring that all stakeholders feel they’re benefiting from their business interactions. This insight is the focus of Carone’s co-authored book, Everyone Wins!: How You Can Enhance and Optimize Business Relationships Just Like Ultra-Wealthy Entrepreneurs. Regular blog posts will educate readers on how to utilize this strategy to make the most of their professional relationships.

According to the site, Carone and his fellow leaders want their clients “to smile when they receive a call from us,” “to feel that we’re constantly and considerably improving their chances of success,” and “to know we understand their issues on both a practical and an emotional level, as both business partners and friends.”

The site also highlights the firm’s leadership team, and will be a hub of new team announcements in the coming weeks.


David Meadvin