Project Transcend Announces Crowdfunding Raise on StartEngine

Transcend connects people across time and space, creating a legacy of meaningful experiences for generations to come

RALEIGH, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Project Transcend announced the launch of its Regulation Crowdfunding raise on Project Transcend is a social media application designed to capture authentic, meaningful moments and create a powerful legacy of generational history that can be shared across time and space.

The platform is designed to maintain the privacy, safety, and security of its members and focuses on gathering audio, video and written recordings of important experiences, beliefs and personal values. Members are encouraged to reflect on what matters most through thoughtfully curated prompts that are intended to be shared and passed down to loved ones.

“We’re thrilled to bring a new kind of social media to the masses – one that’s focused on privacy, authenticity, and meaningful experiences,” said Matthew Phillips, founder and CEO of Transcend. “Transcend provides people with a safe place to preserve life’s most precious memories to pass down to future generations. We believe that every life story matters, and we want everyone to have access to capture their legacy.”

Veterans, active duty military, first responders, Alzheimer’s patients, cancer treatment centers, and parents are part of Transcend’s early adopter community. Transcend looks forward to partnering with non-profit and community organizations to empower more individuals to capture their journey and share it with the important people in their life. To contribute to the crowdfunding raise, visit

About Project Transcend

Project Transcend is a social media platform designed to capture one’s life story and create a legacy that spans generations. Founded on privacy, authenticity, and meaning, Transcend serves as a portal for people to share meaningful moments, the stories behind them, and connect people across time and space. To learn more, follow Transcend on LinkedIn and YouTube.


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