Predicta’s AI Illuminates Messages That Resonate with EV Consumers

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As previously reported Predicta’s Amplified Intelligence engine established that environmental topics aren’t relevant enough to move the needle with potential EV buyers. Now Predicta’s AI illustrates what messages CAN make a difference.

First, context about how consumers make decisions. In 1972, Dr. Darrel Edwards, co-founder of research firm Strategic Vision, discovered a universal equation for human behavior and used it to develop ValueCentered Psychology®. It has five sequential components and applies to how consumers feel about experiences, products, brands, or other people. These components are, in order:

Security: The trust, comfort, confidence, and safety we feel

Freedom: With ample Security comes Freedom – both Freedom TO explore, live, or be ourselves and freedom FROM hassle, stress, or worry

Esteem: The degree to which – and the ways in which – we feel good about ourselves

Harmony: Self-actualization and personal fulfillment

Love: With the previous four components fulfilled, the love we have for that experience, product, brand, or person flourishes

Overlaying these components on Predicta’s EV data set, the AI found that EV marketers should communicate top-of-mind topics that reinforce Security (reliability, safety) and Freedom (charging hassle, range anxiety, cost) instead of environmental benefits.

Here are three topics that resonate with consumers as identified by Predicta’s Amplified Intelligence:

Reliability/Quality (mentioned 3.0 times more often than environmental topics): Marketers should emphasize that there are fewer things that can go wrong with an EV to strand drivers on the side of the road and cost and time savings can be gained in EVs needing less maintenance.

Performance (2.4 times more often): Consumers love the Freedom experienced with an EV’s power and acceleration and feel the Security of performance improving active safety.

Charging (2.3 times more often): Consumers talk about how refueling at home is convenient and less expensive, enhancing Freedom. This will increase as charging infrastructure proliferates across parking garages and shopping centers.

Predicta automates competitive product intelligence using deep learning AI techniques. Gleaned from thousands of sources, Predicta delivers Amplified Intelligence to marketers less expensively and more quickly than traditional market research. Predicta enables marketers to avoid mistakes and save money by illuminating what their consumers think, feel and talk about. For more information email


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