Predicta AI Compares Professional EV Reviewers to EV Owners

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Ever wonder if the narrative surrounding electric vehicles fits the reality of EV ownership? You’re not alone.

Predicta ( took hundreds of professionally published EV reviews from dozens review sites and used our AI engine to compare those to a thousands of recent reviews from EV owners.

Customer reviews shine when compared to structured quantitative surveys. In this format, customers – unprompted – bring up what is most important to them.

Professional reviewers write longer, more thorough articles about their subject vehicle than the average vehicle owner does while posting a review. As a result, reviewers mention most of the 50 topics of interest gleaned by Predicta’s AI far more often than EV owners. But there are topics that owners talk about more often, as well as a few that owners surprisingly ignore.

What owners mention more often:

Love: EV owners are almost five times more likely to talk about whether or not they “love” certain aspects of their vehicle than a professional reviewer.

Reliability: EV owners are 20% more likely to comment on their vehicle’s reliability.

What the groups mention equally:

Gas: Owners and journalists equally reflect on the difference between the electric vehicle experience and the gas-powered vehicle experience.

Value: About half of owners talk about financial factors unprompted compared to about 6 in 10 professional reviews. Professionals may mention this more often overall, but it is way higher on the list of issues for owners (top 10%) than for professional reviewers (bottom third).

What professional reviewers mention more often:

Styling: Professional reviewers are five times more likely to comment on an EV’s exterior or interior styling. While styling is important, owners typically focus more on how to operate the vehicle and the life changes EVs require.

Driver Assist Features (backup camera, blind spot warning, etc.): Articles are a whopping 11 times more likely to bring up safety features than owner reviews.

Predicta automates brand and product market intelligence using deep learning AI techniques. This Predicta-AI analysis was gleaned from thousands of sources. Predicta provides in-depth brand and product SWOT analysis – anytime – that keeps pace with market changes. Gain granular insights about your competitors’ products – how your customers think, feel and act. Contact us today at


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