~Pourri Tackles Summer Stink Unleashing Nostalgic Camp Funk Campaign

Summer essentials that eliminate funky odors without the funky ingredients – available at retailers nationwide including Walmart, Target, CVS, PetSmart, H-E-B, Ulta, Amazon, and on Pourri.com

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–~Pourri, from the makers of Poo~Pourri, a brand known for bringing humor and levity to uncomfortable odor situations, launches the Camp Funk campaign that takes it back to the 90s/2000s, eliciting nostalgic memories of hot summer days, sweaty pits, late-night swims and endless ice cream. Because summer is synonymous with sweat, and sweat is synonymous with odor, ~Pourri’s new campaign highlights humorous, relatable stories that will run across social media and streaming platforms, recalling that coming-of-age journey when pre-adolescents were away from home for the first time, conjuring images of independence, the first social, kiss, slow dance, cleaning up after a full day of the great (and hot) outdoors and yes, pooping in community bathrooms, invoking the first traumatic odor experience that becomes ingrained in our memories forever.

“Nothing’s worse than the smell of a wet pet, damp bathing suits and sandy towels forgotten in the car, or stinky feet from a hot day’s run. We’ve all experienced it,” says Suzy Batiz, founder of ~Pourri. “That’s why after we mastered the art of concealing bathroom odors with Poo~Pourri, we realized that there wasn’t an odor that we couldn’t tackle!”

The humorous video series, featuring adults dressed and acting as hormonal angsty teens in the 90s/2000s at camp sharing small spaces—and toilets— with friends, family, or a romantic partner, will stream across social media and streaming platforms including: TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, A&E, Paramount+, Disney+, HBO Max and more. ~Pourri invites Millennials and Gen-Zs to grab their friendship bracelets, pack their duffels and prepare to get nostalgic, returning to where stink all began, at Camp Funk!

Cover toilet tracks, stomp away shoe stink, beat body odor and enjoy #FunkFreeFun this summer with ~Pourri’s innovative line of sustainable funk-fighting products formulated using essential oils and other plant-based ingredients. ~Pourri’s proprietary Funk Lock TechnologyTM eliminates even the toughest odors and promises long-lasting freshness – 100% guaranteed!

~Pourri products to make the smells of summer a thing of the past include:

  1. Poo~Pourri: With over 100,000 5-star reviews, the original Before-You-Go Toilet spray eliminates bathroom odors before they even begin, using a combination of essential oils and plant-based ingredients with cutting-edge odor-fighting technology. Just a few spritzes of Poo~Pourri in the bowl before you go, and no one will ever know. Available in different sizes and many scents perfect for summer (including Fresh Air, Bamboo Rain, Beach Bum, Amalfi Flush, Tropic Like Its Hot, and Parisian Poo).
  2. Pet~Pourri: Our four-legged furry friends are just as prone to odors stronger than the latest heatwave. Relax! Light a new 2-in-1 pet odor-eliminating candle and spray down your pet’s beloved sofa with Pet~Pourri air + fabric odor eliminator for a Pawsitively Fresh experience.
  3. Home~Pourri: Life can stink – but your home doesn’t have to! Home~Pourri is formulated with essential oils, plant-based ingredients, and proprietary Funk Lock Technology™ that leaves any room smelling better than you found it – without the funky ingredients.
  4. Pit~Pourri Natural Deodorant: Wrestling with bad B.O.? Pit~Pourri all day + all over natural deodorant provides clinically proven 24-hour odor protection by utilizing proprietary Funk Lock Technology™ to leave you smelling like a sweet breeze and free from parabens, aluminum, and synthetic fragrances. It is clinically approved by dermatologists and gynecologists for use on underarms, under-boobs and even your undercarriage.
  5. Sole~Pourri: Sweaty feet mean soul-stealing stink! Send foot odor packing with Sole~Pourri, a shoe + foot odor-fighting spray, formulated with natural cedarwood, eucalyptus, and plant-based enzymes. Sole~Pourri can be sprayed directly onto your feet and in your shoes, keeping you smelling fresh and dancin’ on!
  6. Car~Pourri: You forgot the beach towel in the back seat again, didn’t you? Don’t let your vehicle’s stale air and odors dampen your summer spirit. Car~Pourri keeps the wheels of summer rolling and ensures a pleasant, odor-free driving experience wherever you go.

“Our commitment to providing high-quality, plant-based products that actually work extends beyond its effectiveness. All ~Pourri products are crafted using environmentally conscious practices, safe to use around pets and kids, and free from all that funky crap! I was determined to create products that really work and are better for you, your family, and our planet,” adds Batiz. “So make stink a thing of the past and help us turn your summer funk into summer fun.”

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Founded by entrepreneur Suzy Batiz in 2007 under the name Poo~Pourri, ~Pourri is an odor elimination company that removes funky odors in your home, body and beyond – without the funky ingredients or stigmas. All ~Pourri products are formulated with essential oils and plant-based ingredients, and made to be household, earth, and family-friendly. ~Pourri offerings boast over 100,000 5-star reviews, are sold in over 50,000 retail locations globally including Amazon.com, Costco, CVS, PetSmart, Target, Ulta, H-E-B, Walgreen’s, Walmart, and more. Poo~Pourri and Founder Suzy Batiz have been awarded an Edison Award for creating one of the most innovative products in the world, a Webby Award and AdAge’s “Funniest Viral Video of the Year” with their “Girl’s Don’t Poop” video, as well as earned the official Women Owned Business Certification (WBENC). To find more information on ~Pourri and make odor a thing of the past, visit http://www.pourri.com/.


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