Play in a New Light – CORSAIR Partners with Nanoleaf to Bring Smarter Home Integration to iCUE

MILPITAS, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–$CRSR–CORSAIR® (NASDAQ: CRSR), a world leader in enthusiast components for gamers, creators, and PC builders, today announced an exciting partnership with smart lighting pioneer Nanoleaf to integrate a host of Nanoleaf RGB Smarter Home products into the CORSAIR iCUE ecosystem.* Players can now expand CORSAIR iCUE’s sophisticated RGB customization to their room’s walls and surroundings via Nanoleaf’s suite of innovative smart lighting devices – Lines, Shapes, Canvas, and Light Panels** – to fit their unique vibe.

With Nanoleaf’s smart lighting now seamlessly synchronized with the rest of your RGB setup, your iCUE lighting effects are now smarter and more spectacular than ever.

Nanoleaf’s acclaimed wall-mounted smart lighting devices bring dazzling customized lighting effects far beyond your PC. Setup is quick and easy – just switch on the Nanoleaf integration in iCUE settings and start programming Nanoleaf’s lighting products right from your desktop. Additionally, users have the ability to switch between control through the Nanoleaf mobile app and iCUE with ease, for intuitive lighting control at your fingertips.

Users can choose from a variety of preset Lighting Scenes such as Rainbow Wave, Rain, or Watercolor, or create their own to fill their gaming space with completely personalized color. iCUE can also display system temperature indicators on Nanoleaf devices, putting your room on red alert when your PC is running hot, to a calm green when systems are stable.

“Nanoleaf has become ubiquitous with smart lighting in the gaming room space, and we are thrilled to be officially collaborating together,” said Bertrand Chevalier, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Gaming. “CORSAIR has long led the way in RGB peripherals, so it was only natural that we partner with Nanoleaf to provide people who love lighting the best possible experience within the iCUE software. We’re excited to see how our fans and gamers utilize this new collaboration, and what kind of amazing experiences they will create.”

“We’ve had an overwhelming amount of interest from our community for this integration, so we couldn’t be more excited to launch the new Nanoleaf x CORSAIR integration,” said Gimmy Chu, CEO and Co-Founder of Nanoleaf. “We can’t wait to see how our users customize their setups and change up the way they play their favorite games with all of the vibrant Scenes and dynamic light shows.”

Whether you’re lighting a top-tier gaming battlestation or a spectacular studio space, you can set the right mood with Nanoleaf products via iCUE to produce the ultimate RGB setup.

*Nanoleaf integration compatible with iCUE on Windows 10 and 11 only.

**Nanoleaf Light Panels support will be coming later in 2022.

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