Parkland 17 Memorial Foundation Announces Plans for Official Public Memorial to be Erected for the 17 Victims of the Massacre on February 14, 2018 in Parkland, Florida


PARKLAND, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#community–The Parkland 17 Memorial Foundation, a 501(c)(3) Florida not-for-profit corporation, has announced plans to build and maintain the official public Memorial to honor the 17 who were taken too soon, five years ago, in the February 14, 2018 massacre.

Fundraising is now underway for the Memorial, which will be located within a large quiet, serene preserve currently being constructed. The Parkland 17 Memorial will be open to the public to provide a place to remember and reflect on those who were taken from their families and our community.

The victims’ families are steadfast in their desire to have a public Memorial built to honor their lost loved ones:

Alyssa Alhadeff

Scott Beigel

Martin Duque Anguiano

Nicholas Dworet

Aaron Feis

Jamie Guttenberg

Chris Hixon

Luke Hoyer

Cara Loughran

Gina Montalto

Joaquin Oliver

Alaina Petty

Meadow Pollack

Helena Ramsay

Alex Schachter

Carmen Schentrup

Peter Wang

Tony Montalto, father of Gina Montalto, is Vice Chairman of the Parkland 17 Memorial Foundation and the family liaison who keeps the other victims’ families updated. They are advised of the steps in the process and have direct input regarding creation of the Memorial.

“This foundation was established to build the official public memorial to the victims of the Parkland massacre to ensure they are forever remembered as the people they were, as innocent children with vibrant, bright futures ahead of them – educators and coaches who gave so much of themselves to their students,” Montalto said.

The Parkland 17 Memorial Foundation Board

A multi-year effort led to the creation of the nonprofit, 501(c)(3) Parkland 17 Memorial Foundation. Representatives of the families of the deceased, residents and government officials of both Parkland and Coral Springs, who were appointed or requested, sit on the Parkland 17 Memorial Foundation Board. Dedicated individuals have also volunteered to serve on the board in the following capacities: in addition to Montalto, other members include Chair Michael Moser, First Responder Representative; Secretary Joy Carter, Coral Springs Commission Representative; Treasurer Rich Walker, Parkland Mayor and Commission Representative; Alice Zendel Simon, Director and Coral Springs Resident Representative; Director and Parkland Resident Representative Theresa Brier; and Bonnie Barnett, Director and At Large Representative.

“We anticipate that kind and compassionate donors will find it in their hearts to donate to this Memorial to forever remember these beautiful souls murdered on February 14, 2018, tragically taken from their families, friends and the world much too soon,” Moser said.

The Foundation has oversight of the project. Proposals for the design of the Memorial will be reviewed by the victims’ families and evaluated by the Foundation’s board. The public will have an opportunity to provide input through the Foundation’s website as well as through community representatives on the Foundation’s board. A national call to artists will be issued in early 2023.


Corporations, businesses, foundations and the public can make tax exempt donations to the Memorial at Vendors who donate or discount their services will be given high priority.

The public can donate and help bring awareness to the Memorial. Information will be available on the website announcing the formation of subcommittees and requests for volunteers.

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Mike Moser