Nielsen’s Gauge Report: Holistic, But is it Relevant and Actionable for Advertisers, Brands and Marketers?

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–TVB (, the trade association of America’s local broadcast television industry, today issued this statement in response to Nielsen’s July 2023 Gauge Report.

“The Gauge Report provides a monthly view of the content and programming that audiences are watching on a television screen, including broadcast, cable and streaming platforms. However, The Gauge doesn’t provide the key data needed by advertisers. Specifically, The Gauge’s streaming numbers include ALL SVOD subscribers – those who do and don’t receive ads – and for most SVOD platforms subscribers viewing ads are a far smaller segment of the overall total viewing,” said Steve Lanzano, TVB President and CEO.

Lanzano continued, “For example, The Gauge’s July 2023 report shows Netflix representing 8% of total U.S. viewing. However, last month it was reported that Netflix stated that 1.5 million of its U.S. subscribers can view commercials, which approximates just 2-3% of its U.S. subscribers. So, while streaming TV viewing is prevalent, an overwhelming majority of streaming viewers don’t see commercials. Advertisers need these facts when considering streaming media investments.”

Members of the media interested in speaking with TVB’s Chief Research Officer, Hadassa Gerber, may contact TVB media relations at or 212-835-8500.

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