A Tale of Bravery and Self-discovery in the Ruins of a Dying World, Where the Darkest Sides of Human Nature Are Revealed

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Erich Krauss, New York Times bestselling author and publisher, leaps into the fiction genre with the release of his new novel, Primitives. This book will be on sale May 10, 2022, and is published by Briar Road Books, a new imprint of Victory Belt Publishing.

This up-all-night page-turner immerses the reader in two very different worlds that eventually converge in dramatic fashion. In the blazing heat of the desert, Seth is a young man largely resigned to his current life of isolation with fleeting moments of hope for what might lie beyond. A startling discovery sends him on a quest to help recover the cure for the Great Fatigue, the illness that nearly destroyed civilization. Meanwhile, in the jungle of Costa Rica, Sarah embodies resilience and bravery as she sets out to escape the oppressive colony created by a man whose motives appear to be far less altruistic than he claims. Krauss’s detailed scene-setting and descriptive prose pull the reader in further and further as the explosive intersection of Seth’s and Sarah’s stories draws nearer, and the fate of humanity hinges on the protagonists’ every move and mistake. Primitives is a thought-provoking, spine-chilling tale that will leave the reader asking, does humanity even deserve to survive?

Krauss interweaves his personal experiences as a survivalist and his life-changing battle with Lyme disease into the narrative, giving this book an unparalleled authenticity. He sets the stage for an exciting series that pushes these two heroes closer and closer to the brink, with life-or-death consequences for themselves and for the entire human race. Krauss masterfully blends a realistic cautionary tale into a story filled with adventure.

“In many ways the process of writing this book saved my life,” said Krauss. “After a decade of living through my own personal apocalypse, I was once again able to travel the world through my imagination. I hope Primitives brings readers an immersive experience along with the same escape it brought to me.”

About Erich Krauss

Erich Krauss, a New York Times bestselling author of more than thirty books, is the founder of Victory Belt Publishing.


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