NEORIS Launches Their First Communication Campaign Made Entirely with AI, Featuring Talents in Leading Roles

The company specializing in digital transformation starts the new year with plans to add more than 2,000 professionals in the 14 countries where it is present. The new initiative is part of the 2023 commitment to strengthen its Employer Brand and Recruitment strategies.

MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AINEORIS, the digital accelerator, launches the NEOS Communication Campaign, the first initiative created entirely with Artificial Intelligence and converting talents into brand ambassadors. Through different platforms, the company managed to create highly personalized, real and futuristic avatars through which they seek to reflect the values and personality of NEORIS.

The campaign is called the NEOS, the name given to the employees who are part of NEORIS. It is designed to strengthen the company’s Employer Brand and Recruitment strategies which will be among the ways the company estimates it will hire more than 2,000 employees worldwide in 2023. “We wanted our own talents to be the focus of this campaign, since they are our true spokespersons, the ones who speak about who we are and what we offer to those seeking to work with us,” explained Jorge Lukowski, Global Director of Marketing and Communication for NEORIS.

The Campaign

Through this commitment, NEORIS seeks to link the idea of creating avatars of its ambassador talents with the values they want to promote within their offices around the world. “We also aim for professionals from different areas and knowledge in technology to get to know who the people behind the NEORIS name are, and feel identified with what it means to be a true NEO. That is to say that we are agile, creative, multicultural, different, that we imagine the future, accelerate towards the positive and the new, enact change and empower ourselves through our differences,” emphasized Lukowski.

In this sense, the campaign focuses on seeking a balanced aesthetic, not only by using Artificial Intelligence services offered by NEORIS, but by aligning the resulting images with the values and concepts by which the company identifies. “The avatars created with Artificial Intelligence are the materialization of three key variables for NEORIS: the values of the person, the values of the company and, of course, the photographic images of the talents,” Lukowski expressed.

To make all this possible, NEORIS took advantage of the rise in 2022 of different Artificial Intelligence platforms such as Stable Diffusion, an Open Source platform; DALL E, a tool that was created in 2021; and ClipDrop.

The initiative is part of a series of actions that NEORIS has been working on in recent years to enhance the sense of belonging, identity and organizational culture. “We want to start the new year by accelerating into the future and positioning ourselves as the innovative company that we are,” explained Lukowski.


NEORIS is a leading global digital accelerator, with more than 20 years of experience, which helps companies and organizations around the world to take the leap towards innovation, through the design and implementation of disruptive and sustainable solutions so that they can develop their activities in a more efficient, competitive way and at a lower cost. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, NEORIS has operations in the US, Europe, Latin America and India and has more than 300 active clients, most of them Fortune 500.

It is the first and only IT consulting company in Latin America that received the SAP® global services certification and among its global partners it counts industry majors such as Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle and Salesforce. To learn more, visit or LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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