NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Booka–The Booka team analyzed their internal information and collected statistics for the whole world: “In 2021 Booka’s young readers turned over one and a half million pages and read over 70,000 books.”

Children in the United States are avid readers, who do most of their reading on Tuesday.

Little ones in the USA read 15% more on Tuesday than they do on any other day of the week.

On Saturday they must be busy, because it’s the least popular day for reading. “Children in the US read 13% less on a Saturday.”

In nearby Mexico, it’s Wednesday when children do most of their reading, “15% more than the rest of the week.” On Sunday reading is uncommon, “30% less page turns than the weekly average.”

Russian children using the Booka app have completely different reading habits.

They read the most pages over the weekend, “20% more than on other days of the week.” Unlike readers in Mexico and US who are weekday readers.

Russian children read the least on Wednesday, “17% less than the average weekday.”

Overall, the most popular day for reading in the app is Tuesday. Around the world, “11% more reading occurs on Tuesday than any other day of the week.”

Which Book Categories Do Readers Around the World Prefer?

It varies, in the USA, children read more about animals. They also like the themes of family and relationships.

Russian readers prefer the “how it works” category, and fairy tales are very popular.

Spanish-speaking readers also enjoy fairy tales and love to read books about sports.

About Booka:

Booka is a modern eBook subscription service for children. Available in IOS, Booka offers hundreds of children’s stories and early learning books to make their first learning experience effortless and fun.

Financially, the company has never been in a better position and is pleased to announce that revenue growth is up 230% compared to the same period last year. Booka is on track for a 250% growth of these 2021 figures by 2022. Subscribers have increased by 125%, and installations increased by 50%.

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